Decentralized and transparent platform for real estate market

Search, sell, buy and rent real estate within Blockchain. Easy to use, secure and safe, tokenomics available to develop a MTRX token with construction projects investment options.

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MTRX token sale

Course $0.034
Collected $0
Total $2 000 000
Course $0.034
Collected $0
Total $2 000 000
Token sale starts soon

Market review

Real estate has always been an attractive niche for investment because of the low level of volatility and long-term reliability of the asset. In this case, despite the high reliability, the real estate market profit with good geographical location is stable and guaranteed.

The market for construction of new facilities in trillion dollars global construction perspectives paper, 2016 Graph

The real estate market is rightfully considered a key element of the economy of anystate.

According to Nielsen Report, in 2016, the global real estate market volumeamounted to 217 trillion US dollars.

The market for construction of new facilities ismore than $9 trillion, which according to PWC will grow by 74% or to $15.5 trillion in money terms.

Problems and solutions

Rental Property
Real estate rental is one of the most common contracts in the civil-law sector.

Despite this, this market is virtually not regulated in any country in the world and is a paradise for fraudulent activities. This is an incomplete list of problems that you may face (or have already faced) when renting an apartment

Real estate rental is one of the most common contracts in the civil-law sector.

Despite this, this market is virtually not regulated in any country in the world and is a paradise for fraudulent activities. This is an incomplete list of problems that you may face (or have already faced) when renting an apartment

Complex search
High commission
Unfilled obligations
Late payments
The MeterX decentralized real estate rental service rethinks real estate rental and eliminates market from middlemen.

Using the blockchain technology, the system will be protected from hacking and unauthorized access. Ethereum-based smart contracts consolidate and automate the relationship between tenants and landlords, accelerate and simplify the process of renting any type of residential or commercial real estate. Each transaction will be protected by the escrow mechanism on the basis of a decentralized verification.

P2P contact on blockchain
Automatic payments
Financial benefit
Honest ratings and reviews
Decentralized arbitrage

How MeterX work

In technical terms, the MeterX system represents a platform with open source with three functional blocks

MeterX Trade

A real estate trading (buying and selling) platform where people can conduct transactions without leaving the website.

MeterX Rent

A real estate lease or rental platform where people can pay and register rights

MeterX ICO

A real estate crowdfunding platform where people can attract funding for construction of any kind of real estate under the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) model.

Product positioning

MeterX platform amplifies real estate business with a transparent platform using a Blockchain. The platform is capable to provide the following features to assure best user experience:
MeterX and Ethereum based ecosystem
Own arbitration system
Token usage
MTRX token is used for payments and transactions inside a platform to ensure safety of payments and guaranteed quality of service. MTRX token is available for purchase with bonus on token sale.
MTRX tokens are ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum blockchain platform, and designed for use as a settlement/payment tool based solely on the MeterX platform. The token holder can pay them for the real estate rental, purchase and investment. In case of investment, the token holder has the right to receive income from the investment in the form of MTRX tokens

Token Sale Structure

Payment accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC, FIAT
Maximum amount of tokens MTRX
Available tokens for token sale
500.000.000 MTRX
Token sale round Token equivalent Bonus per round Token price
Closed pre-sale 25,000,000 30% $0,028
Public pre-sale 125,000,000 20% $0,032
Main public token sale 350,000,000 15% $0,034 MTRX
50% Tokens on token sale
18% Team and board members
30% Reserved amount
2% Bounty & Airdrop
Bonus lockup for team and early investors for 6 months
Road Map
Period of October 2017
Product design, positioning and idea validation
This period MeterX creates a product design with marketplace screens, user experience, customer development and unit economics model. Idea is then validated through public research and governmental licensing opportunities.
Period of December 2017
Token sale preparation
This period MeterX prepares for token sale rounds. Content is created, smart contracts are made within ERC-20 standards, investor relations and business modelling are designed.
January - February 2018
Closed pre-sale round
MeterX is going to obtain partners in several regions to gather early contributors for investments for kick-start of further development.
March 21st - April 21st 2018
Public pre-sale round
MeterX is going to start first public round of a token sale with small amount of token distribution with a bonus. Contributors after exceeded token amount for this round would be added to the Whitelist for further round.
May 4th - June 4th 2018
Main token sale round
MeterX is going to start a main token sale round, with a smaller bonus of tokens, to get more contributors as future users of the marketplace. Tokens then are going to be distributed as MeterX sells out whole offered amount.
June 2018
Token emission
MTRX tokens are listed on crypto-exchanges for further deals and purchases. Customers will be able to purchase and sell tokens via exchange platforms.
July 2018
Beta release
Official MeterX beta-version release, where any contributor to the MeterX token sale will be able to use a platform for real estate purchases or invest in construction projects.
Rest of 2018
Market evaluation and further expand
MeterX is going to expand in other countries and regions, distributing the word of latest technologies of Blockchain as a new way for transparent and direct sales of real estate property.
Close and bright future
Product development campaign
Our team includes 36 professionals in development, finance, legal and real estate
  • Tim Abdullaev
    Co-founder and COO

    Tim has many years of experience in digital distribution and the blockchain industry. Tim was founded the first mobile gaming platform Spair, and ICOToday, the largest community about Tokensales and Blockchain projects in Russia. In MeterX, Tim is engaged in project management, operational activities and public relations.

  • Denis Grishin
    co-founder and CEO

    Denis founded and managed a number of major infrastructure projects in the oil and gas sector in Russia with a turnover of more than $100 million. In MeterX, Denis has brought his experience in managing large-scale projects and the willingness to build a global real estate platform.

  • Radomir Bendzhyus

    Content strategy. More than 3 years of experience in startup branding, traditional and digital PR.

  • Serge Khalin

    Positioning, strategy, native integrations. Over 5 years of experience in startup development, branding, PR and marketing.

  • Alexander Belyakov

    Project and operations manager. Taskflow, project organization, team discipline. Over 3 years experience in project organization.

MTRX token sale

Cource $0.034
Collected $0
Total $2 000 000
Course $0.034
Collected $0
Total $2 000 000
Token sale starts soon